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Dealing With In-laws During Wedding Prep

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So you’re lucky! You have an amazing terms with your soon-to-be-in-laws. You might have avoided conflict and confrontation with them up to this point.


Working together

Discuss your wedding plans early with them during your engagement period. Your soon-to-be-in-laws will have expectations and assumptions about their involvement on your wedding planning. It’s important that these expectations are laid down to them clearly from the very beginning and  discussed thoroughly each role on your wedding preparation.



Get your in-laws involved in some aspect of the wedding planning which you think they would be great at handling. This could be RSVPs distribution to close relatives, menu opinion, church or reception’s location choices.



Make them feel and understand in a nice way that it’s your wedding and there are certain aspects and elements that you need and want. Again, state it nicely and politely, but always get their opinion on the issue at hand. Your firmness and tactfulness are required. Always be open to suggestions and alternative plans possible. 


Other considerations:
  • Express Your Excitement
  • Respect Important Family Traditions
  • Consider where your in-laws is coming from
  • Be okay with not having their approval
  • Limit your in-laws’ involvement


You might be new to the family, but, with a little effort, you might just become their favorite child. 



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