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What To Do After Your Wedding?

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So you said your vows, had your party and – your married! But there are still a few things you have to wrap up and do. These are the things to do after getting married so you can enjoy the memories of your special day for decades to come.

Eat Cakes and Leftovers.

Many couples don’t get a chance to eat the cake on their wedding foods so why not indulge in some sweets the next meal after your wedding!


Open presents.

Opening your wedding cards and presents – one of the most fun parts about after the wedding. These wedding presents are exciting to open a day after your wedding, keep the notes and put them into a dry and clean box to preserve the writings for years to come.

Send out thank-you notes to your guest and principal sponsors.

Writing a few thank-you notes isn’t too much of a burden and should be sent to all guests who attended your wedding specially to anyone who helped make your wedding day extra special.


Thank and review your wedding suppliers.

It’s a nice gesture to thank your wedding vendors too. Create a good review on them specially on their social media pages. By doing this, it will help out other couples to decide if they’ll get that supplier. It’s all about paying it forward!


Talk to your photographer about albums.

Wedding photos can take two to five weeks to come through. And you’re probably checking your email or mails waiting for your wedding photos. Once they do arrive work with your photographer to figure out the best pick to put into your wedding albums.


Preserve your Gown and bouquet.

Ask  someone who can professionally clean your gowns, they are gorgeous and deserves safe keeping.
Start planning something new to look forward to, like a romantic getaway or dinner party. Soon, you’ll be counting down the days until the next milestone. 

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