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Staying Calm On Your Wedding Day

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You’re getting married but that doesn’t mean you won’t have the shakes. So we’ve created this guide on how to create a stress-free and “close to perfection” wedding day.  

Here are a few tips to help you over-come nervousness and keep you calm and present yourself with ease at the altar.

1. Hire a Wedding planner and coordinator

A professional wedding planner or day-of coordinator is guaranteed to make your life less stressful their job is to keep everything running smoothly, so they’ll definitely take away some of that wedding planning stress.

2. Talk to your wedding suppliers few weeks before your big day.

Just making sure everyone is on the same page, and you’ll be getting all you want from them on your big day.  

4. Relax and pamper yourself

Get a massage, visit a spa or do a nail and hair make-over with your friends. It is a super relaxing way to start your wedding week. Get to bed at a decent hour the night before so you can be your best.


5. Eat your Breakfast

Make sure you’ve eaten something and had a sip of water before your wedding makeup session to avoid feeling faint or nauseous. 


6. Release it all

Use the bathroom before suiting up in your wedding attire, don’t hold it, just go. It helps you feel relax and can focus more on the important details without the heaviness. 


7. Bring a Second Pair of Shoes

Change your shoes when you feel uncomfortable after a long hours of standing or walking and will need to break them in so that they do not get blisters or achy feet.  


8. Breathe

Through all the hype and excitement, this will keep you more relaxed and clear minded- so don’t forget to breathe regularly up there. 


9. Enjoy

Your wedding day is supposed to be the most exciting day – so to ensure that just relax, kick-back and enjoy your big day.




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