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Michael Scott- Energetic Event Host

Night Owl Events and Production

Enthusiastic and energetic host.
0917 753 1464 /

Your All-in- 1 events provider. No need to talk to different suppliers. We can provide all for you! 0917-302-3242 /


Monkey Business Wood Souvenir Shop

Papeldelights Design Studio

Putprints Invites and Print Craft

Jherald Ebao- Event Host

Host, Emcee, Musicians, Singers, Band and Entertainers:

Breakfast Club Band Ph

The Microphone Club (Event Host) 

Jetto Aquino (Acoustic Band)

Sonny & Sunshine (Acoustic Duo)

Marc Richmond Co (Host & Acoustic Soloist)

Events Hosting by Frank Rizo (Host)

WAMES Musicians for Events (Musicians)



Event Giveaways

Monkey Business Printing And Souvenir Shop Laser Engraving

Favor de Aroma (Event Giveaways)

My Creative Something

Cafe’ Moksha, Batangas Coffee (Souvenir Giveaways)




PutPrints Invites & Print Crafts

Printcity Invitations

Pau & Co. Invitations


Global Invitations


Invitations and Beyond

Ellie’s Invitations & Party Favors

Bridal Cars & Car Rentals

Aadverk Bridal Cars Philippines

Laguna LoveDub Bridal Car

Royal Carriages

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Disclaimer: Before investing any money, always practice doing research . Learn more about the background of the salesperson and the company. Check the social media pages, networks/friends, reviews online, comment sections, ratings and even shared posts. Do not pay anything unless you meet them personally, visited their offices, or made a thorough a research about them.


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